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Sleek's 38 gallon

My first real planted tank! I went to a garage sale and got an awesome deal on everything! $105 for the whole setup used and everything works so far. Was washing the tank and cracked it lol. It was a 23 long. My parents were nice and bought me a 38 that fit the stand so I am all ready to go. I got 2 bags of flourite black and I am dosing 5ml seachem flourite micros twice a week. I currently have some anubias from one of my teachers and a sword of some kind from my LFS.

The sword won't stay down and it is actually getting to be a PITA to look at it every day waking up. I really need a method to secure it and was thinking of either getting more flourite or tying it to rocks DW etc.

So I only have a 20w florescent light. I will try to get an actual grow light soon. Pics and more to come!
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