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Originally Posted by TexasCichlid View Post
Based off your posts, you just started your tank over less than a month ago? If this is the case, diatoms are normal. Pretty much any snail or algae eater will help take care of them, otherwise. Amano shrimp and oto cats will all gobble on that fuzzy stuff the OP has.

I wasn't trying to jack the thread. Diatoms are normal for new tanks...I thought using seeded filter media would save me the hassle, but no such luck. My nerite and amanos seem happy so I guess it's fine. Ugly, but fine.

I'm curious though if the OP's addition of a UV light wasn't coincidentally in-line with the diatoms (if that is what it was) completing their natural process. I wouldn't want a bunch of ppl new to the hobby to read this and spend money on a UV light if it will not prevent diatoms.

Anybody know if UV should prevent diatoms?
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