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Originally Posted by reefboi16 View Post
Which of the two looks better?
Which has the best nutrients?
How is the water clarity with each?
Any problems with shrimp?

I am currently planning to set up a forty breeder planted/ shrimp tank to upgrade from my tens. I want to do things and do them right. I also want to incorporate a nice looking "sand trail" in the aquascape. My question is how do you guys keep the sand from blowing around. Also is there any plastic that is safe in the aquarium that would good to shape the trail out and to keep the substrates from mixing together?
I might have more questions as I go through this build. Any input is appreciated thanks to all in advanced.

By the way this is my first post on this forum. Started a small ten gallon planted shrimp tank about six months ago and I am hooked. I do own another aquarium its a forty breeder mixed reef. That tank has been up and running for four years now. I am not new with aquarium keeping at all but I do have a lot to learn.


Which of the two looks better? (personal judgement)

Which has the best nutrients? ( out of the bag.. flourite I believe, but it is easy to supplement the eco with root tabs and of course dosing nutrients)

How is the water clarity with each? (both will be clear after some time and/or purigen)

Any problems with shrimp? (nope, flourite, eco-complete and aquasoil are the 3 most commonly used planted aquarium substrates for shrimp or fish. I will say I regret getting the red/brown flourite for my RCS tank. I would much rather have the eco because the colors show up better agaisnt the black. Tho there is black flourite)
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