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Originally Posted by AVN View Post
I'm not disagreeing with you, in fact I am totally agreeing.

I will be moving the turtle once he gets big enough, right now he's only 2 inches so he's less of a threat to the frog than the frog is to himself.

The crayfish I have to completely disagree with. The frog is 3 inches long, the crayfish is merely an inch long. His entire claw is as big as the frog's claw is long. The worst he can do is pinch him, if that. He spends 20 hours out of the day completely buried in a tunnel he dug in the substrate under a piece of driftwood, the frog is a free swimmer. They NEVER interact.
Oh if the crayfish is that small I am surprised the frog has not taken a go at him. Most crayfish I've seen in aquariums are quite capable of hurting ACF (and fish!).

My mental image is of a huge clawed crayfish, some of the ones I've seen are quite beastly and they're all predatory so I wouldn't trust them.
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