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Originally Posted by Dakota7777 View Post
Anybody have luck with plants? Mine just get uprooted daily and die..
Here's my experience.

Dwarf Hair Grass = waste of time+money. It will be uprooted faster than it grows.

Wisteria will root just fine, you may have to plant it again now and then but it's grown well in my tank.

Moneywort (bacopa) grows fine, stays rooted alright. Occasionally needs to be replanted.

Pennywort, frogs love it as they do most floating plants, they will rest in it.

Jungle Vals, died on me left and right.. may have been sold 'Mondo Grass' labled as Vals..

Anubias works great, attach to driftwood.

Java Fern is the same as anubias.

Christmas Moss I have growing on my driftwood, it's not really grown a ton yet it appears to be taking root though.

***Crypt Wendtii (forgot I had one of these in my tank) is great. Very strong root system, impossible for the frogs to dislodge.. has been growing very nicely in my tank! They get pretty big and provide nice cover, the frogs love to rest in it.

The problem with ACF and plants IMO is two fold. Numero Uno.. they don't like bright light.. I have a Finnex 36" 7k/7k LED on my 40B and I am in the process of moving it higher above the tank to cut down on light.. shoot for low light..

That and they uproot everything.. I would stick to plants that deeply root. Dwarf Hair Grass was a complete nightmare for me.. I moved it to another tank..

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