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Originally Posted by AVN View Post
Oh definitely. I didn't mind that you sounded preachy, better to get yelled at than to screw it all up.

I did my research before mixing the species, I've been in the hobby for decades, so I've made my fair share of mistakes. I also have a tendency to try to make things work that really either shouldn't, or will only work in specific circumstances.



No worries though. The Turtle's a real sweety, the only thing he bites is me when I'm hand feeding him. He's never caught any fish nor fish fry, and mainly spends his time basking or munching moss. The frog is bigger than the turtle, so no worries there.

Now I understand why he loves foraging in the moss blanket so much.
ACF are bottom dwellers, as are crayfish. They both enjoy the same hiding spots.

One has soft delicate skin, the other has claws and is armored and is predatory.

On top of that there is another predator with hard shell and a viscous bite and will grow quite large in time. It's small and sweet now but we both know it will get large and mother nature will dictate the frog is prey..

All your frog can do is attempt to flee these tank mates, this causes stress, stress eventually leads to premature death.

Well at this point I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. : (
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