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For the interest of saving money, but still getting a quality rig.. I would piece the stuff together. The Aquatek regulators are relatively new to the market but they've been getting good reviews and are competitively priced.

Here's a shopping list:
-Aquatek Regulator (Look it up on Ebay) - $79.99
-comes with tubing and bubble counter w/ integrated check valve
-Fluval Diffuser (here) - $7.56
-U.P. Aqua Co2 Drop Checker (here) - $8.94
-4 dKH Reference Solution For Co2 Drop Checker pH (Look it up on Ebay) - $7.50

Total Cost = $103.99

Now you can use the money I just saved you and buy a 5 LB CO2 Cylinder, Aluminum tank. Found one on Amazon with good reviews for $66.98 (here)

Grand total w/ 5lb co2 tank - $170.97

Looks like it comes out less than that kit + you get tubing, co2 tank, and 4 dKH solution
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