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Originally Posted by AVN View Post
I've noticed my ACF has a very peculiar temperament now that I've read more posts from ACF owners.

He's definitely a "wild type" judging by his coloration, but I have yet to see him even try for any fish, let alone catch one. I've seen him munching on moss, rearranging substrate looking for loose bloodworms, chasing around fish flakes with great resolve while ignoring live fish less than half his size.

He's active during the day, mostly when it's bright, but when I switch off the lights to entice my dwarf blue crayfish out for feed he bolts into the nearest cave or into a thicket of moss and refuses to come back out.

He's either very eccentric or mentally retarded.
Keeping a crayfish with an ACF is a terrible idea.

Crayfish are highly predatory and get quite large. Your crayfish in all likelihood is causing your ACF terrible stress and is very capable of harming or killing your frog.

These frogs are actually fairly intelligent and believe me he is well aware of when that crayfish comes out.. if he is hiding that is exactly why. Can you blame him?

Please for your frogs sake strongly consider moving him to a safe home..

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