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CO2 Options?

So I'm rethinking this whole CO2 thing. I could use this DIY one on my smaller 20 gallon tank and purchase a pressurized CO2 system for what will be my heavily planted 36 gallon. I'm a little vague on some of the terminology so some input would be appreciated. As I understand it you can go with kits that use the standard paint ball cylinders, or the Fluval 20g kit but those I'm guessing are costly over the long haul to replace the cylinders and would get eaten up pretty quick in a 36 gallon? So I need to look for something that works with a "standard" CO2 cylinder? I was looking at the system below. Seems like it has pretty much everything I need to get started, including a solenoid, except the actual tank? Sound like I'm on the right track?

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