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Originally Posted by tiggity View Post
I would also suggest getting some Flourish root tabs to help your plants with the regular gravel.

The grass plant, is that mondo grass? If so, that is not an aquatic plant and will eventually die. Also, make sure you don't bury your Anubias' rhizome otherwise, it will die too.

Great start btw!
Thanks! I'm not sure what the grass plant is, I got it at Petco. I looked up some pictures of mondo grass and it does look like it. The plant has put down roots and seems to be growing but I may take it out if it starts dying.

For the root tabs, do I have to place them near where my plants grow? Under my plants?

Also, what about mixing in eco-complete or flourite in with the gravel? I could take everything out, mix in some substrate and then put all the fish and plants back in. Would that work? Or would my water get cloudy?
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