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awe thats sad news. Theyre so pretty.
as of now my list for plants is pretty simple:

- Spathiphyllum Peace Lilly
- Amazon Sword
- Some sort of Taro or elephant ear (Im in love, I can't fight it)

- Pilea cadierei
- Pilea Involuctrata
- Bacopa caroliniana or madagascariensis or Pilea depressa if i can find it

- Amazonian Frogbit

The frogbit is just to provide extra cover for the water. The light is pretty bright and the oscar generally prefers a darker tank so I need to be sure a good portion of the water is covered.

Since I've decided to attempt to try to keep the tiger barbs in the tank with the oscar, Im going to be adding dome driftwood and rescaping the rocks to provide some extra hiding spots and planting a few fake plants. I would like to try real ones, but the oscar will probably move them, tear them out or eat them. Ill start by putting in one or two plants just to see if he tries anything funny.

for underwater I'm considering.
- Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf"
- Amazon Sword or micro sword
- crypts
Not really sure yet, I just need something that provides places for the smaller fish to dart into when Kind Bubba gets into one of his 'moods', and something low maintenance since the bottom of the tank is sort of hard for me to reach.

For now I'm just planning and waiting to receive everything to take any steps forward.
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