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Originally Posted by dhgyello04 View Post
I am sorry for hijacking this… my wife and I want one of these sooooooooo bad but would have to put it in my 90gal. Is that too tall? Also would they eat all my fish?

Lots of tetras
2 large angles
1-8” clown loach
6-4” to 5” clown loaches
I also have a bristlenose pleco and a very large 8” catfish.
I love ACF, I keep 3 in a 40B and they're awesome. I would like to add more but I can't seem to find any big enough in pet stores to not get eaten as mine in the last 6 months have gotten to about 3.5 inches or so.

I will tell you now, if they can catch it, they will eat it. Mine ate mollies that were the same size as they were, they find a way. Your tetras would be in danger, the platys would also not be safe.. and these guys will take on things larger than they are... they will latch on and then use their hind legs and rake with their claws.. I've seen them do it with pieces of cooked shrimp and it was oddly effective, their hind claws would rip flesh from the shrimp cutting it into more manage chunks!

My girlfriend told me once while I was at work that she saw an ACF latch in to the tail of a large female black mollie and took it down.. they're NOT fish friendly! I've noticed that the most predatory ACF are the 'wild types' which are the darker green/brown ones (I have one and she's a monster).

They love to eat and they're always hungry! I highly recommend them as pets because they are way cool but they need their own tank. Their predatory instincts come out eventually, anything that fits in their mouth is food -- even other frogs.. I used to feed my frogs live bearers but I am a bit paranoid about the fish infecting the frogs eventually so I only feed my frogs reptomin/earthworms now which I feel are safer.

The only thing I've 'successfully' kept with my frogs is oddly enough ghost shrimp. If you give the shrimp enough vegetation to hide in the frogs tend to leave them alone. My frogs actually are not very aggressive towards them now, however I need to replace my stock every few months because they do slowly 'disappear' however at 33 cents per ghost shrimp it's not a huge deal (and I think that's expensive for these guys..).

Hope this helps! Again.. GREAT pets. Very interactive frogs, they will come up to the glass to greet you. They have different personalities. They're definitively the most interesting amphibian I've ever kept. The 'feed me' dance they do is quite charming. : )

Some additional info:
-Water Depth isn't a huge deal to these guys. They're really strong swimmers. I keep my water at 12" from substrate to surface of water but I mostly do this to keep them from escaping (which they are prone to do, I know this first hand..). I think young ACF would probably appreciate water not over 12" deep though.

-I don't think they are quite as blind as people make them out to be.. mine see me come up to the tank and take notice. I think their eyes are mostly used to spot predators, which is why they are located on top of their heads. They can see though. They do not rely on their eyes for finding food though. In the wild they hail from murky/muddy waters with little to no visibility. They do locate food mostly with smell and their lateral sensory organs (the little bumps on their body).. seems to me that the ability to track down food differs frog to frog.. some frogs are deadly accurate, others.. not so much. Mine don't seem to find 'bloodworms' that well, but a live earthworm? They're on that like white on rice..

-Another reason that these guys are not fish friendly is that most fish we keep are tropical.. these guys are NOT tropical (xenopus tropicalis is but they're rare to find and they're smaller than xenopus laevis which is the commonly kept ACF). They need cool, temperate water 68-72F. 70F is ideal, this is the temperature I keep my frogs at.

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