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I agree that I prefer "less", high quality tanks. But they have VERY FEW fish available... I would love to see them carry more of the harder to find stuff. Several types of Rasbora, two of the three types of pygmy corydoras, etc.

Obviously, they need to make money. So they need to carry the bread and butter stuff like tetras...

We have the NJ Commuter EZ-Pass, so it costs us like $3 to cross the bridge. Let me see if I can work on my wife to take me or I will talk to a buddy that is big on planted tanks.



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Its a first trip of this kind and want this to be as much fun as possible. I'd rather have a long list and scale back as we progress.

I think part of their charm is having few very nicely scaped tanks as opposed to the rows and rows of tanks normally found in a LFS. I prefer the minimalistic and purposeful layout of the store. It is an undenyably small store yet you never get a sense of it as the displays are laid forth, just like how our tanks are scaled to seem larger than they actually are, like Magic

The whole point of this thread is to have people check in, arrange a date and carpool over. If individuals dont have a car, just point out whereabouts you are and someone close to you can likely give you a lift. Merely going by NY or NYC as a location doesn't really help in a situation like this.
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