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Originally Posted by DeLaFe View Post
Sunyang- Where in NYC are you located? I don't know when we are going back, but I don't see a problem giving someone a ride.

They are also right by the train station. It is possible to get there by train, give them a call and ask which trains go there. (The train station was about 2-3 blocks from the store- when getting there by car I was struck by how "Old World" European the area looked. Reminded me of visiting Germany and Holland. VERY nice area.


I thought we are going to few places aren't we? The one I really want to go is the ADA one. Yes it does have train station there but it will take me very long time to get there and $18 back and forth. LOL Not sure if I want to spend $18 and 2 hours to just go to one place. :/ I live in Brooklyn.

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes!
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