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Originally Posted by Nreyes112 View Post
That sure is a lot of driving! You're looking at a whole days worth especially if your planning on spending more than 20 mins in each store. I live/work around these places they're all very nice. This sounds like a very fun road trip though! Have fun
Its a first trip of this kind and want this to be as much fun as possible. I'd rather have a long list and scale back as we progress.

Originally Posted by DeLaFe View Post
Spent some time talking to one of the owners. They are trying to grow and plan on adding more fish. The more we support them, the better they will get. They obviously know their stuff. He also mentioned that if this store is successful they would like to open a store in NYC.

I think that this place has the potential of being the best planted tank place in the NY tri-state area without much improvement. (I have been to just about every fish store in NYC and Long Island) If they rearranged a few things they could easily add another 10 tanks.

The biggest con of this place is that they have very few fish and inverts.

I think part of their charm is having few very nicely scaped tanks as opposed to the rows and rows of tanks normally found in a LFS. I prefer the minimalistic and purposeful layout of the store. It is an undenyably small store yet you never get a sense of it as the displays are laid forth, just like how our tanks are scaled to seem larger than they actually are, like Magic

Originally Posted by aznrice247 View Post
spend your money on more aquatic tools or lunch in town.

Originally Posted by aznrice247 View Post
wait do they have the ADA books for free?
There's an ADA catalog given out for free.

Originally Posted by sunyang730 View Post
I really want to go but I don't drive. If someone drive and don't mind a TPT member to be in their car. Let me know! Any date will be cool with me. LOL I will just take a day off that time! HA
The whole point of this thread is to have people check in, arrange a date and carpool over. If individuals dont have a car, just point out whereabouts you are and someone close to you can likely give you a lift. Please mention where in NY you are and we can hopefully get a ride for you around there. A fall back would be a pickup location in manhattan as well.

Originally Posted by DeLaFe View Post
They are also right by the train station. It is possible to get there by train, give them a call and ask which trains go there. (The train station was about 2-3 blocks from the store- when getting there by car I was struck by how "Old World" European the area looked. Reminded me of visiting Germany and Holland. VERY nice area.

I think NJT trains normally run down to jersey city so some folks who want to trek themselves to ridgewood can take the path train into NJ then switch to amtrak. Quite a haul for just one shop.

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