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Originally Posted by vnghost View Post
heres water parameters.

ph 6.3 confirmed with digital ph pen.
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 0
gh 12? i added ferts about an hour before test
kh 7

the fish seem perfectly fine now. i think it was just my co2 yesterday, noticed it was flying a little bit higher today, probably from when i accidently dropped the cylinder landed on the needle valve. turned it down, all fish are swimming happily and the harlequins are not shy at all. top stays on the tank until all variables are verified thanks.
0 nitrates an hour after ferts? What are you dosing for ferts?

I had a problem with my nitrate API test. If you don't shake the second bottle enough you can easily get a zero reading. After "shaking until my arm falls off" as some one suggested I started getting no3 readings.

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