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Fluval Chi 5G New Scape and Filter

I've been skimming the planted tank forums for a while now and finally decided to post a bit about my setups. Until this past summer, I only had this one Chi and have since added on 3 other small tanks, 2 at home and one at work. I'll probably add some threads about those tanks as well as they will definitely need some help.

I've had this Fluval Chi for about a year and a half and have really liked its footprint and aesthetics, but the stock filter has lost a few LEDs and could no longer provide adequate light for the one small sword in the tank.

Substrate is sand from Magens Bay beach in St. Thomas, USVI which my mom bagged up for me during my wedding. Its made an excellent substrate, though I had some hardness issues at first. Levels are more steady now and I think the natural nutrient content is what allowed that first sword to do so well, which still has the largest root structure of all of the plants in my tanks.

Replaced stock filter with ZooMed 501 canister. Had to cut inflow and outflow pipes to fit.

Added Fluval Mini Lamp 13w

Flora are dwarf hairgrass, elodea and two Petsmart plants that I do not remember the name of, one longer and stringy in the midground and one that looks like miniature swords (help me out). The anacharis is unsightly imho, but I havent decided what to replace it with.

Inhabitated by 2 female bettas and a fruit tetra who was in another tank until the rest of his school died. There was a ghost shrimp but I havent seen him in a few days

Thanks for looking!

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