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Originally Posted by fusiongt View Post
Any fish can jump even if they're not known as jumpers. Just because they jump after months of not jumping doesn't necessarily mean somethings wrong with your water. I know sometimes I have to turn on nearby lights at night and my fish freak out and I wouldn't be surprised if they accidentally jumped.
Correct. But in this case it looks like a problem with his water quality.

Originally Posted by vnghost View Post
they been in the tank for about 3 or 4 weeks now. and are alive and well this morning when i checked before i headed out. im thinking its the co2, it never bothered them before but i did take out half the plants in the tank recently so possibly co2 levels raised up with less plants uptaking co2? hopefully they are all fine when i get home. i put the glass top on the tank but it doesnt fit becuase of my intake out output tubes. the window screen is a good idea. thanks for the help
Do you mind posting water test results? I highly doubt excess C02 would make the water intolerable, as it would take a large amount of that to affect the breath-ability of the water. Perhaps the excess C02 has made your water too acidic?

Please do a full water test and post parameters. PH is the first place you should look.
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