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To some of us, ADA isn't the clear - sotospeak - winner if you want a tank that looks nice too, complementing what's inside. If you're conscious about money, ADA will never win...for many of us it isn't an option. I do care about my tank's appearance, its not simply a glass box to hold water, hence the rimless 13 gallon I bought over a standard 10 gallon because I wanted something different, but price trumps top notch quality for us with tighter budgets - I'll take white gold over platinum and still be happy.

To say that if you don't give a crap about your tank's appearance/total package then sure, be happy with your non-ADA inferior tank and settle seems a little elitist to me (that's the vibe I got from the post)...a lot of us DO care but ADA isn't the be all end all to a beautiful tank to some! So a pure aesthete can't be cost conscious too? Maybe not I guess.

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