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Originally Posted by tetra73 View Post
Mac versus Windows? Not even close. Windows AKA PC is different than a Mac not because of the look. It is because a PC is an open hardware. In a Mac, it is a close system. You can build your own PC choosing from the computer case to the power supply you want. You can't do that with a MAC. A PC has a freer platform. An ADA tank versus all other tanks? Well, they both hold water. Acrylic tank has no rims too. Can the ADA tank offer more functions and advantages over your regular glass and acrylic tank? Not really. Would I want an ADA tank and to pay for it? No....I still have BBA in my tank. I have a small spot of GSA at the top corner. I have an acrylic tank which I paid $260 for it, 40g. Is already rimless. My tank won't look better, so as my plants, if I were using an ADA tank. How about ADA drop checker? What? $50??? I got a glass one off Ebay for $10. Is glass. The shape is the same. It does the same thing too...
I come from two comp sci majors, I realize this.

My point does not lie in the technical experience of the Win/Mac debate -- it lies in the visual and aesthetic experience. I'm not implying that an ADA tank makes your plants look better, no -- I am stating that as a whole, it adds to the clean, simple concept of the planted aquarium.

The drop checker, yes, you are completely correct and I'm admitting so.

The bottom line remains, however, that if you care about your entire aquascape, your entire aquarium as a piece of furniture rather than a glass box to hold water, the ADA wins. If not, to each his own and I'm glad you're happy with a non-ADA tank (really, I am). For the pure aesthete, it's ADA or bust.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Steve Jobs
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