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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
I respect the simple disagreement with regards to price; but to say that because it doesn't help your plants grow you disagree is plainly foolish.

I agree with Kiran, anyone who says ADA is placing focus on equipment is completely wrong.

"Anything blocking the aquascape is unnecessary".

The ADA Cube Garden series place focus on the plants and fish, the stars of the tank, the way it should be. That is why they use LIG and are trimless, rimless and frameless.

I love how the the cube garden series appears to "float" in the air.

(and by an extension other rimless tanks aswell, then it comes down to brand choice and that is a free choice for everyone to make)
I buy ADA tanks and products because I like and appreciate the innovative and fun to use products they come up with for planted tanks, I was in saltwater and was used to getting new products developed and released frequently.

I myself do not like acrylic tanks (personal preference), a plastic tank just feels cheap to me. If I wanted a plastic tank, I would go to home depot and get a 300g rubbermaid pond and keep an arapaima.
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