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Mmm...I get up close, as close as I can to my tanks. I can't see why an ADA would make my shrimp/reef/corals look more beautiful than they do in my standard 55 gallon and rimless Mr Aqua tanks. I don't focus on my seams and the glass looks clear to me! I simply don't know what I'm missing, and that's ok, because I'm happy with what I have.

I agree about the Mac vs PC comparison, but...more $$ doesn't = better (I've used both). I'm for more bang for the buck...if I was a baller, then yes, I'd get the best of the best, but I'm not quite there yet! Yes, for the most part Mac/ADA means better made, higher quality, but PC/regular tanks are good enough for me!

I have beautiful photographs placed in $5 bargain frames and no one can tell the difference between a $2 mat around the picture and a $25 one. It's what's *in* the frame/tank that counts - to me.

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