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Originally Posted by tetra73 View Post
Is form follows functions. If the extra craftsmanship does not create additional or improve the function of the tank, the design has failed. Is like you paid the full price of a Porsche and the car looks like a Porsche, but it drives like a Ford Escort. If I paid extra money for a better tank because it can help my plants to thrive better, that's value.
This is a complete Mac vs Windows situation. It really is.

I consider a tank a work of art. Chances are, you do too. If you had a beautiful work of art, say, a painting, would you cut out a construction-paper frame and tape it haphazardly to your wall with scotch tape? Not likely. Aesthetically, it would be much nicer and add to the painting as a whole to have a beautiful custom solid oak frame cut for it and to hang it on the wall, leveled with the floor/ceiling.

So, at the same time, why would you not want a rimless low iron tank? It adds to the aquascape as a whole. Let me ask all of you this: do you view your tank from afar (a few feet away or from across the room) or do you get within inches of your tank? If it's the latter, fine.

But if you truly want a tank to compliment a room or household area, there is no match. Hands down.

I respect the simple disagreement with regards to price; but to say that because it doesn't help your plants grow you disagree is plainly foolish.

Another good example is the hobby of bonsai. You wouldn't keep a 30 year old specimen that's well trained and an absolute work of art in a plastic nursery pot -- you'd keep it in a Tokoname pot or similarly made pot. But that's a little different I guess.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Steve Jobs
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