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5g office aquarium - Put it together before knowing I wanted a planted, any hope?

Hi everyone! New to this forum, but already have learned a ton! I recently set up a tank in my office. Unfortunately, I set it up before deciding that I wanted to go with a planted tank! Having done a ton of reading on this forum, knowing what I know now, I would have obviously done a few things differently, but too late for that now!

Here is what I have going on:

  • 5 gallon minibow
  • Stock filter
  • 50watt heater set to around 82 degrees (slightly high, am battling ick at the moment)
  • Regular old gravel, no substrate
  • 10 watt 5100k fluorescent light, set on a 12 hour timer. (7am on, 7pm off)

  • dwarf anubia (Do I have it buried properly? Is the rhizome too far in the gravel?)
  • anachris/elodea (although I don't really like it, it keeps falling apart and making a mess in the tank
  • wisteria
  • some other grass looking plant I bought at Petco when I first set up the tank, don't know what it is!

  • 1 balloon belly molly
  • 7 balloon belly molly fry (I assume I'll need to get rid of some of these as they grow bigger?)
  • 1 lyretail molly
  • 1 fancytail guppy
  • 2 ghost shrimp

I would like to have a heavily planted tank, similar to this. I read through the thread and it looks like this guy is dosing Flourish pretty heavily, but other than that, has nothing else I don't have. No substrate, no extra lighting, etc.

Could I accomplish the same in my tank? What fertilizers should I get? Dosing? What additional plants should I look into? I assume I should get a test kit to test the water weekly? I am also thinking about buying a piece of driftwood for the tank. So many questions and so much to learn! I would love to hear your suggestions on what I can achieve with this setup!

Here are a few pics of my tank now, apologies for the crappy cell phone pics.

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