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So ive shut down my tanks upstairs...process took a whole 2 weeks with me working full time and what hour here and there...moving everything down. At first the girlfriend sparked this inspiration because i told myself i was gona stick too 2 40 breeders and be done with it. But she decided to buy me 2 tanks for my birthday...and in return...yea...

Went to home depot spent 60 bucks on a metal stand. Its not the best, but it holds. Very flimsy. Amazingly it fits a 40 breeder perfectly. If done correctly this stand can probably hold x4 40 gallon breeders.

Light: 72" aquatic life fixture
Co2: pressurized with a 3 way splitter
Gravel: Diamond Blasting Sand Black (why would anyone ever buy anything else?)
Filters: fluval 404's
Ferts: Dry method + iron

Anyway ill spare the details...picture says it all.

Plants took a major hit from neglect so this is whats left after shutting down the tank upstairs.

3 Self cloning Crays, had 5 2 kicked the bucket

Bill's Styro's emersed...they're starting to flower. Did a trim today, waiting to have enough to be brave enough to submerse them. HC is growing like weed tho.

Diamond blasting sand...has different browns in the gravel so its not completely black...was a pain to clean but the fluval surface skimmer did the trick.

5 gallon diy rock wall

Super red fh, temp fish, holding for a friend as he recovers from damage.
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