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So far so good! The plants are not only alive, but the vals are sending out runners like they're going out of style. Population control may become vital as all of these baby plants start to grow in. Also, did anyone else know that leopard vals flower? I didn't know that until I went by my tank and noticed several of them had tiny, light purple flowers. Very cool.

Unsurprisingly with a tank that has been set up and cycling for about a month, there was algae. Everywhere. Since the plants were sucking up as much ammonia as I would dump in, I added the support crew. I settled on a BN pleco and a school of albino cories. The BN pleco is so ridiculously shy that I ended up tossing in two apple snails to take up the slack. I've also started dosing CO2 booster along with my Flourish and that seems to have the algae situation under control.

With everything stable and happily growing, the betta imbellis went in. They're coloring up beautifully and seem to love all of the plants they have to hide in.

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