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Well, guess this will be the last update for a while (until I finish that sump lid, anyway).
  • Still have 11 Cardinals...never did find that guy who disappeared...very confusing. Guess they ate him? Maybe his body is buried in some ancient Tetra rite?
  • Plants are indeed growing...the vals took off, anubias have a few new shoots, even the red tiger lily has new leaves.
  • The swords are the only item that did not do well. One has all leaves gone (I plucked when they turned yellow), other only has a few left. I trimmed the old stems back today, maybe that will help.
  • Cleaned the mechanical filters for the first time today, nice collection of diatoms/old fish food.
  • I am still confused about how much/how/when to feed these guys. Been doing every other day, a good pinch, place near the bottom/back and let them go to town. They look really fat afterwards.

On the feeding front, I've had suggestions to pre-soak food like bloodworms, and for both types (flaks/worms) to put into a turkey baster to inject into the calmer areas of the tank.

Water parameters stabilized about a week before I placed the fish in. Waiting on some consensus as to what currents shrimp can withstand before I get a batch of RCS.
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