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PLantedRich, that looks very much like one of the heaters that came with the 125 I bought from a coworker - except for the black plastic on the bottom. It also has the sensor and digital controller. It looked a bit complicated to me so I use the second heater that came with the tank, a more "normal" looking heater that I know how to use - lol. I do like the idea of not having to stick my arm in the water to make adjustments though, and the external sensor. I will give that some serious thought for all the tanks.

I have been looking at websites and was surprised to see the no-glass Aqueon Pro is still available. I thought when Petsmart stopped selling it, it was because the manufacturer had stopped making it. I see it and the Jager are head-to-head on cost, and they both cost less than I expected. I do like how you can calibrate the Jager (or so a youtube vid says & instructs).

Panic and stupidity could have been my undoing last night. I didn't expect this cold snap we're having now (it got to 37* last night and it's only 45* now). I realized my tanks had dropped in temperature and probably had been dropping for at least a day or two. I hadn't turned on my home heat yet (but I did last night! lol) and all my tanks were reading in the 62* - 64* range. I wouldn't have though about it except my fish in the 29 were sluggish. The fish in the 40 & 125 have been acting normal, I guess the larger water volume helped there. Last night I put the heaters back in - I took them out over the summer while doing tank maintenance - and plugged them right in. I forgot to let them sit a while first. Hey, it was 2:30am and I wasn't thinking! Anyhow they didn't shatter/break and this morning the temps are up to 70*. Since I only set my home heat to 64 I have to assume the heaters are doing ok. Hopefully the temps will continue to climb but not overheat while I'm at work until 11:00pm, I may run home at dinner to check. That's what I hate about the no numbers/no indicators on the heaters in the 40 and 29 - I have no idea what I have the heat set on!

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