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I have had so many heater failures that kill fish, I no longer go by the ads and reputation. I now have done so many autopies on failed heaters that I have a list of features I want.
One is it has to be small enough to not cook fish and those are hard to find for a 29 and still have the features I want for reliable operation.
I find controls are the most likely item to fail so I want them out of the heater tube so they have space to build them without the size limit. This also means a temperature sensing probe that measures the WATER temp rather than reacting to the temperature inside the heating tube. Moving the controls out of the tube lets them do a good job sealing the heating tube as there is no shaft moving which makes a seal prone to leaking. There are a number of no-name products out now that fit my specs but I have found one which seems to last well.
It also has to be priced so that I can choke and buy them for 11 tanks!

My choice:

My only complaint so far has been due to the digital controls getting EMI from my light ballast. It made it cycle until I moved the heater away from the ballast.
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