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Originally Posted by PlantedRich View Post
I find light to be highly over rated as the major factor. I also find it is almost impossible to get a clear answer to what is needed. That left me to go with a low cost but highly adapable system.
If you can nail together a rectangle of wood to set on the tank top, the ultimate in cheap is hanging CFL twisty bulbs on a cheap extention cord. Clamp, strap or nail temporary construction bulb holders to the wooden frame and keep changing until you see what you want. The bulbs run around $2 and the holders the same. When you have a better idea and want to change out the lighting, use the bulbs in your house. I used four 13 watt, 6500 K for my 20 gallon and was quite pleased. Specialty bulbs are not needed. But they may cost more than the entire DIY lighting system.
When I see T5 bulbs priced at more than $10, I don't worry the question of lost lighting due to poor reflectors. I just throw on another $2 bulb and keep going.
I have 2 CFLs over my 10g. The ones I have now are 13w, but they're too bright. I've got 2 real thin white plastic shopping bags over and under the reflectors (I got "brooder" dome reflectors - ~10" dia) to get to a reasonable light level. I'm getting 10w bulbs and hope they work better.
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