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Hex Waterfall

So I found a great deal at a thrift store on a 30 gallon, hexagon tank and decided to build a new vivarium using some methods I have never used before. Unfortunately I did not take many pictures of the initial build, but have some as the job progressed. I was thinking I might get a new pair of tree frogs for the tank when it was finished. It turned out to be one of the most labor-intensive beta tank ever! Here’s the quick build……

Tank specs:
30 gallon hexagon
50 watt heater
mini fluval water pump, which runs both streams of the waterfall
15 watt plant glo light bulb in stock fixture

Water temp: 68 F
Slight tannin stain in water
4 mm gravel substrate
Soil portion: coco husk, organic potting soil, shredded banana leaves, 5 earthworms
Aquatic plants: anubias lancelota, anubias nana
Terrestrial plants: rabbitsfoot fern, ivy, palm fern, and various local mosses

The main terrestrial feature is the waterfall made from egg crate material and Great Stuff spray foam. This is an excellent method used by many in the other herp forums. Worked great and I was able to get the basic structure built so that I could access the inside of the waterfall for any maintenance issues that may arise. I also planned ahead fro some small planters to be housed within the waterfall as well. Once the spray foam dried (24 hrs) I carved the waterfall to look like rocks and left a nice deep channel for the water to cascade downward. I cut slots out and laboriously foamed in a few real slate rocks for the water to run off as it traveled down the waterfall. Since the tank was to be seen from only one basic angle, I decided to cover the side walls with a faux rock background as well. I sprayed the walls with the GS and then carved them as well.

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