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Originally Posted by MGap View Post
Too much room! I barely know what to do with it.

I've scrapped the use of the anthurium as a centerpiece, after some research and a discussion with my friend who tends the gardens at Fairchild tropical (it's a giant plant garden here in Miami, a gorgeous place) it seems the anthurium won't do very well in the long run with its roots fully submersed.

So I'm thinking that the peace Lilly will take center stage. I'm going today to a pond supply and aquatic plant nursery. Apparently, they carry several varieties of taro plants that do fairly well in our warmth and are all very pretty.

I want to see this thing planted so damn bad.
Originally Posted by Gooberfish View Post
So much more room for activities!!!

Welcome to the forum. I'm jealous of your setup. I started a high humidity riparium over the summer that is blossoming right now. For the planters, definitely look into the cryptocoryne species. There are a zillion varieties so go nuts. They can go above and under water. Hydrophyte helped me out a lot in my setup so a lot of my riparium knowledge comes from him. Check out my 30g tall in my signature. Can't wait to see what you do!
Originally Posted by MGap View Post
Thanks. My mom gave me some taro today that I'm trying to figure out how to get into the tank. They're sort of tall so I'm reading up to see if I can submerse the planter and a portion of the stalk. I'm waiting till I get the driftwood I just won on eBay and my planters to make decisions on plants. There are so many options.
Peace lilies are real good riparium plants, especially for setups like this one. They are nice neutral green plants, so they look nice if you use them as the main background plant in several planters.

Crypts make awesome riparium plants if you keep the top closed up pretty tight to maintain high humidity. For your big tanks here are three that grow pretty large as emersed plants:
  1. Cryptocoryne ciliata
  2. C. pontederiifolia
  3. C. wendtii 'Mi Oya'
Be careful using taro. While they do really well as marginal aquatics, they tend to have trouble with insect pests. If you want to try a small taro bulb I would recommend chopping off all of the leaves and carfully washing it off before planting it your riparium to make sure that it isn't carrying anything in with it. It will sprout new leaves right away.
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