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First homebrew in the fermenter!

Well, I did it for better or for's the run down:

4oz Belgian aromatic
4oz Flaked oats
4oz Rice hulls
8oz Flaked wheat

2 gallon Steep @150 for an hour, one gallon sparge @ 170 degree.

Added 6 pounds (actually more, used two 3.3# cans but I didn't scrape them clean) Belgian wheat extract and 8oz of Soft Candi sugar after bringing the above to a boil.

Added 1oz German Hallertaur hops (4.3%) at 60 minutes, 1oz at 15 minutes.

Added 1oz of bitter orange at 15 minutes

Added 1oz of Coriander at 5 minutes.

Cooled in ice bath to 70 degrees, moved to 5 gallon fermenter bucket.

Pitched one tube of White Labs Belgian Wit yeast (WLP400).

Added water to bring to 5 gallons.

OG: 1.042

Sealed it up, added the airlock, and moved to a spare room to keep it in the low 70's until fermentation starts, then I'll move to the basement where the temps are mid to high 60's.

It was fun, a little stressful, still stressin' really, I guess I will be for the next couple weeks in anticipation as to how/if this all turns out. I was as careful as I could be, just hope it was enough to prevent infection. I also hope the yeast takes off and does its reason it wouldn't I guess, just one of those things you'd worry about I suppose. I should know how that's going in the next day.

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