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Originally Posted by Steve001 View Post
There are other lighting options that may be workable. They are fluorescent induction lighting and possibly plasma lighting.

fluorescent induction lighting
Another form of Plasma Lighting Home Induction Light Bulbs....
Great suggestions Steve. Thank you. I actually looked into both. The ESL (induction) bulbs seems a great option but I couldn't find too much information on them never mind easily obtainable products. But they have great lifetime. I also looked into the plasmas and they are by far (IMO) the best quality of light as they essentially duplicate the sun's spectrum but they have massive transformers/heat syncs/fans, probably get very hot and again like the ESLs are in their infancy manufacturing-wise. I was only able to find one supplier and the expenses were astronomical. I will keep my eye open for both though as they may find their way into the aquarium world soon. Thanks again.

P.S. Just read through some of the links you provided via the other thread. There is some great stuff in there and I didn't know about those ESL suppliers.
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