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Dwarf Sag, Jungle Val, DONE. Need advice on a SUPER low tech tank.

I really do love the growth that I see in my dirted tanks.

What I don't love is having to uproot and replant runners (mainly jungle val) which sends the dirt flying all over my tank and lands in a messy layer on top of my sand substrate.

So for my next tank, I've been playing with the idea of doing a super low tech setup and wanted some advice or thoughts on how well this will work.

My ultimate goal is to have a nice thick carpet of dwarf sag with a nice thick background of jungle val. and thats all. 2 species of plants and probably 2 species of fish (angels and cardinals most likely).

I was really inspired by this tank
posted by extrame in the low tech tank show and tell thread.

What I want to avoid is screwing up the substrate when I replant jungle val runners. So far I've come up with 2 ideas to prevent this from happening.

Method 1) Don't use dirt in the substrate. Go with plain old sand. This way I can move jungle val runners to the back, disturb the substrate as much as I want, and the tank will still have a nice clean look when everything settles down.

However, I'm wondering if I will see the same growth out of the sag/val if I don't use dirt.

Method 2) Find a way to stick a "partition" running lengthwise on the bottom near the back of the tank and plant all my jungle val behind that partition. This partition would only be as tall as the substrate so that you wouldn't be able to see it in the tank. The idea here is to block the jungle val runners from moving to the front of the tank. This way, I could still use dirt because I wouldn't have to worry about uprooting the runners.

I've never tried anything like I mentioned in method 2 and am wondering if there is a standard method of doing a partition like that.

So I would really appreciate anyones thoughts, advice, or ideas on how I can make this work.


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