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How long do fish need to be quarantined...? The rest looks fine now.

and the female did finally die.... I've quadruple checked it...

thinking of giving the remaining two males 1 female and n x fry a potassium peroxide dip before putting them in the new tank

And just for future reference...
I've been dosing a capful of ich attack morning and night. in 1.5 gallons of water and running a small filter. I did leave the carbon in because I figured it wouldnt be able to handle the ich attack over dose anyway...and IME carbon is pretty slow at pulling things from the water.

Only the larger female ever flashed... I did catch the males doing it once or twice. but they stopped shortly after I dosed ich attack.

Another two frys I separated from the original school, I threw in a copepod jar (1 quart.. fish abuse.. mreh) never exhibited any symptoms.

I had a theory and read up on copepods online and found that protozoans is part of the copepod diet. (unfortunately copepods are also eaten with gusto by the fry). they probably cleaned up the oodium eggs...and left the frys disease free.

I guess it should be noted that ich attack will get very expensive if you are trying to dose, say for example... a ten gallon...

hope this will help someone else in the future.
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