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okay thanks. I already have a 20 long under my tank built into the stand from the guy I got it all from. He had a marine tank and that was his filter. Seeing as how he glued the stand together I just left it in there. Didn't want to smash the tank apart to get it out. I kinda thought one day I'd have a use for it. I already have a filter and heater so the tank just needs some water, clown puke, and cycling for the next time I decide to get some fish. I think because 4 have been in my main tank for 9 days and the survivng 3 for 2 days as well that it is a lost cause this time and hoping for the best is my only option. I was thinking about returning the living 7 but they all look so healthy that I think they can stay.

What do you all think about that?

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