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new tool so cool

i love it when a plan comes together and the ability to accquire a new tool i mean tools are cool! and if you can justify them that is even cooler. i like the idea of keeping most of the sensor body and just adding the tube w/acrylic bottom to make it water tight/ i have been thinking of a way to use it in a tank w/water by adding a aluminum arrow blank that you can get at the wally world and attaching it so you can hold it at the level you need for a reading. or even a telescoping antenna thing you can get at the shack. now i have to think of a way of a good attachment method. i have been experimenting like i told you with the hamburg filter thing and found that besides weldon gorilla CA glue will work also the other types would not. i have almost decided on the design as the one i used in he ten gallon QT tank will work but not very pretty. i have better plans for the 75 gallon one. "keep er up and get er done" hoppy!
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