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bad choices

My tank water is 1ppm amonia, 0ppm nitrate, 0ppm nitrite, 120ppm alkalinity, 120ppm hardness, 7.6 pH. I think the wood or natural dirt might be the culprate for the high pH. The lady at Petsmart had the same numbers I have and said she had never seen a more perfect tank quality but that the pH might have been high. Not sure if she knows anything truely beyond netting and bagging them. My discus were actually kinda afraid of the Cardinals and hid while they were tank mates. I am now down to 7 total Cardinals from the starting 22 I added. I returned 6 live ones, found 7 dead, and 2 are MIA. The remaining ones look very healthy and I do have a 20gallon tank in the bottom of mine that I could use for a Quar. tank but I wasn't sure if that had to be established and didn't want to kill them that way. I let them sit in their baggy for 20 minutes while the water warmed up to my 84 degree mark.

Should I still take the other 7 out and Quar. them or is it just too late and I should leave them in anyway at this point. Thanks

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