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Hi I'm having an aquarium of 750 liter the co2 is connected to one ceramic diffuser at one side at 5 bps I feel that the co2 is still not enough in the tank
The ph is 6.5 when co2 is working,when off it goes to 7.3
Why is the ph not remaining stable
My light 2 halide 150 w 20000 k
8 25w from ADA k ?
Discus. 8
Neon tetra. 35
Cory. 5
Platy. 12
Guppy. 10
Black Molly. 4
Filter tetra ex2400 and dolphin 1000
Running with carbon,ceramic,sponge& black peat
Please let me know what I'm missing to have a planted tank beautiful
water temp 30
mattogrossense 'Red'
Pogostemon erectus
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