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Updates - 10/7/2012

It has been a very busy few months and I've really slacked on our home tanks so I spent yesterday sprucing everything up and took some pics in the process.

So lots has changed on the 36g bowfront except for the fauna. Fauna still consists of a school of about 20 neon tetras, there are 3 rams (1 w/c female, 1 german blue male, and a gold balloon female). The current flora species are Nesaea var. Red Leaf, d. diandra, c. wendtii var red, c. lutea, riccia flutens, limnophila aromatica, myrio filligree, myrio green, myrio red, rotala wallichii, rotala macranda, ludwigia peruensis, c. pontederiifolia, anubias lancelota, and c. lucens.

I upgraded the lights to the 36" Corallife T5 ballast and left the HD ballast on to put wattage around 100w. I checked PAR using a par meter from work and got numbers ranging from 35 up to 70 (only where plants are).

Next up is the 40 breeder that has been a work in progress. The lights are hung, tank is cycled and ready for stocking. So far there are dozens of species of plants in there. All of the ones listed above but also another 6 or so species of crypts, r. rotundifolia, l. repens, bacopa caroliniana, cambomba pulcherrima, and some argentine swords. I removed all of the guppies to the production plot and I plan on putting in the 4 SS CBS into it and introducing some more for genetic diversity soon.

Finally, the 29g SW has been doing great. As of right now it's inhabitants include two McCosker's Flasher wrasses (either 1 male and 1 female or 1 submale), an orange back fairy wrasse, a baby hippo tang, yellow watchman goby paired with a Randall's pistol shrimp. As far as coral species go, I haven't done much, the green birds nest and hyacinth birds nest are doing really well. The acans have grown to a nice size and so has the star polyps and flavia. Everyone is nice and happy.

Just so everyone knows, I am doing weekly water changes on the SW at 10g each so roughly 30-40 with reef salt.

Anyways, that is my update. I hope to be able to report back sooner than later.

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