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Diana: Thank you for your input it is much appreciated I have my tank here ready to go in if boosting the nitrates and my other efforts do not work out. unfortunately it would seem my burkert 6011 is not functioning and stuck shut I'm looking into replacing/ repairing it now.

Tetra: OP? not following you. I have used this amount of light with no CO2 in an established and well planted tank before with little to no algae issues in different water. Please note although I have approximately 220 watts of light I've only been using half of this at 110 watts and since the first week of running the tank photo period has dropped to 9 hours. Furthermore these bulbs are a year old it is my opinion they have lost a lot of their intensity.

As far as under dosing, in the first week I had green water and was doing blackouts. Doesn't make sense to dose when GW is an issue to me. Soon after this was cleared the Filamentous and cyano started showing up. I guessed phosphates were my problem & addressed it with Phoslock. Didn't do much so now I'm dosing Nitrate to see how the tank reacts. I plan to begin dosing regular levels at regular intervals soon but I feel it is necessary to get a hold on the city water parameters before I begin dosing. Being in a new city with a new water supply means that the way I used to run my aquariums and the nutrient dosing I had previously used is not going to be exactly the same. I am still in the process of figuring it out, it has been about a month and I'd say I'm beginning to get a grasp.

I had a 40 gal with a 2 x 65 watt PC on a Tang tank before with Anubis java moss and java ferns on a 10 Hour photo period with no CO2 in my previous house and the only algae I ever dealt with was some green spot and a bit of green fuzz when I got lazy with water changes.

Anyways since maintaining N levels growth of the green filamentous algae has dropped and the cyano is starting to slow down a bit. I want to begin dosing P and K now but I'm not sure if this is the best plan since I'm still battling it out with cyano. any thoughts?

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