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their ideal conditions.
You understand that baby shrimp foods actually feeds the bacteria that babies feed on and not the babies themselves. IME, my shrimp breeding tank pretty much grows everything really well, mosses, plants, and babies. The beneficial bacteria built up in that tank is astounding.

with that said, know that whatever water parameters you have acclimated them to may not ensure the offspring survival as it isn't the ideal for this particular breed. they may be able to acclimate when older but certainly not when their organs and internal bits are still developing. Sadly, this accounts for a large amount of deaths in off param environments and hobbyists who refuse are in denial that their shrimps can live in other parameters. when you only see 2-3 out of 20-30 survive, the proof is in the pudding.

Ryantube, the gh/kh as these are crucial parameters for inverts. neglecting these params may significantly detriment the offspring survival.

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