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Originally Posted by The Big Buddha View Post
If that is your first planted tank, I can't wait to see the second one! Good job.
I wish I could have a second tank lol. I'm a sophmore in highscool and if I even thought about another tank they would probably kill me haha. I really want to upgrade to a 30 gallon however, as I HATE the dimensions of the 26. It is way to high for a lowish light planted tank. However i managed to make it work somewhat.

And thanks again for all the compliments on my tank guys. I thought a planted tank would be a ton of work and really hard. But this tank has been awesome with very low maintenance. And once I got the fluval filter going the tank has looked incredibly clear. I'm also getting hygro tiger pretty soon so I can fill in the tank a little bit more.

I do wish that I would of used black diamond instead of the cheap black gravel where it appears the black is fading away
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