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I'm not sure what filter I am getting yet. The pet store by me is having a sale for a 20 gallon tank with filter, heater and lighting for 15$. I want to see what kind of filter it is and if its a bad one see if I can talk them into throwing a better one into the deal. Either way the tank alone for 15$s makes me extremely happy XD

Plants I have an interest in are java moss (attached to drift wood), water sprite, narrow leaf micro sword (Lilaeopsis maurituis) and java fern. I especially in love with the look of the narrow leaf micro sword and am happy it seems to meet my requirements. These seem to be easy, hardy plants that I also find attractive. Still doing research to find other options

As for transferring them for feeding im not sure how applicable that is. It's not recommended to handle them much. One of them comes up to me and lets me hand feed him but the other one always lurks at the bottom and I feel it would be to big a stresses on him to catch him.
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