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I don't mind fertilizing but I really don't want to go into a c02 set up just yet. Is their any way I any get away with just using fertilizer, but not like everyday? I've seen some people that use flourish excel every day and that just seems like too much. I don't mind fertilizing every week, ideally every two weeks... But every day seems like a real wallet drainer.

I believe the browning occurred due to poor substrate choice, inadequate lighting on top of bad plant choice. I found out one of the plants sold to me was not actually an aquarium plant. From what I have read my gravel is too large and I didn't know I needed to use stuff under the gravel. Basically I just thought it worked like plant, water, go! I didn't realize the vast amount of research I should have done >< I am trying to rectify this.

Ultimately I just want easy to care for tank with hardy plants. If I can't get a carpet with this tank that is okay. I am willing to change my choices to make this as easy as possible. I have seen lots of wonderful tanks on here that require no c02 and little maintenance... This is ultimately what I would love. However as stated before I am more then willing to fertilize. If you have any advice or suggestions for a set up for my 20 gallon and 2 African clawed frogs I would be very happy to listen. Also I only feed live food as my frogs refuse to eat anything else. Their is always blood worms, earth worms, gold fish and guppies in the tank... I was hoping their presence would help provide the plants with what they need.
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