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Update 10/6

Hey guys sorry for not updating school and work have been kicking my ass. Todays been a crappy and not very productive one at that. In what way can I feel that I've done something other than sneeze my ass off and study. Well I can sneek away from Headaches R' US for a bit and check on the shrimp. Duhh

As well all know Shrimptank-itis can happen and so it did. I ended up taking another 5 gallon off of gnod hands again. Thanks dude! Nothing like helping another person getting rid of a tank and using it to do your evil bidding. Enough of mad scientist talk, I just set it up like a regular tank no fancy UGF this time.

Fluval Stratum CHECK
Old Seeded Filter Floss CHECK
Heater Check
Flame Moss CHECK

All I needed is a light and for the tank to cycle. I've already added some shrimp food, dirty sponge water, and the heater set at 75ish*. Hopefully thats enough to jump start some bacteria growth. Right now the other 5 gallons sharing some light via a long piece thats placed verticle between the 2 tanks. I'm was at the local petland and I spot the betta section and I see an L.E.D clip on light from Deep Blue.

Here are the specs:
12 1/4 Watt LEDs
2 Actubuc Blue
10 10,000k White
3 Watt Total Output

The clip on light comes out to 35$. I haven't read up on the whole suitable light for a tank what do you guys think?

Cull Tank

Blues and CRS

Blue Oasis
The names JP.

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