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Moved in yesterday. Hauled it up 4 flights of stairs.

And the teacher wants me to come in on Thurs and Fri next week to start the build with the kids involvement, also giving a brief presentation on the science and how-to of the thing.

I'd like to bring in samples of things like mini critters such as planaria, hydra, seed shrimp, copepods, scuds... and different plant types: like algae, cladophora balls, bladderworts, anything that I can bottle up and bring to let the kids examine.

So this wishlist is going to be a little bit gross but if you have them and are willing to donate to an educational cause, I am actively seeking:

Big Planarias
Big Hydras
Snails: assassin, MTS, pond/bladder
Any other little critters that are visible via magnifying glass
Shrimp molts
(Note: I already have seed shrimp, blackworms, and ramshorns)

And greens for them to manhandle:
Something covered in BBA or other fuzzy algaes
Cladophora clump
Staghorn algae
Green spot algae on a leaf or rock
Java moss
Bladderworts: pellias, riccia
Anyone have a moss ball that I could borrow and return? Kids love moss balls... I promise to replace it if it gets torn apart.
And anything else that you think a 5-yr-old would find epic...
(Note: already have a big clump of hair algae heehee and subwassertang)

And big quantities are very welcome, lol, gross I know. Thanks for reading!

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