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How about placing the Anubias along the crevices of the wood when you turn it over? Place it lower down as well so it grows up and helps create more interest lower in the tank. I like Anubias roots hanging down and growing into the substrate, adds a lot of jungliness to the scape.

I would spread out the Myrio or Limnophila in the right rear so it isn't so pressed together. The lower leaves are just going to die faster if you leave it like that. It needs something in front of it. That is why the stuff in the left rear looks nice, it is playing off the wood. It doesn't look like hornwort to me though but it is very pretty stuff.

Have to agree, those rocks aren't working well at the moment. They might look nice more scattered though.

How about spreading the dwarf sag around more? Make a wave from the front left corner to the right rear? Or just a clump on that side so the wood and Anubias aren't behind it?

How about a clump of crypt like one of the wendtiis in front of the right rear fluffy stuff?

If you did all that you would have a dark element at either end of the tank with fluffy stuff behind. You would have a unifying ribbon of linear dwarf sag and river rocks. The bacopa would look nice as a bush in front of the wood but also looks nice with crypts as it has a different texture and color.
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