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My little tank needs a makeover

I just re-set up my little 10gal yesterday. While it looks a million times better then before, its still not right. I just don't have that vision for where things belong. The one thing I do know is I put the driftwood in upside down. Turned the other way makes a nice cave underneath, so I will be flipping that. I also don't really like the river stones. I just put them in because they were in before. i

So please, any suggestions are welcomed. I'm happy to add more plants too.

This tank will be going into my 7 year old's room, so it doesn't have to be the runway winner, but I'm sure it could be better.

2 x 7w 6500k cfls
marina slim 10 filter
tertra 50w heater
flourite capped with gravel

egeria najas
dwarf saggitarius

6 cherry shrimp
4 amano shrimp
4 oto's
And probably 4 guppies (my son will be choosing some this weekend)

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